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Opera Notes: A Phantom of the Opera Newsletter.
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Welcome to Opera Notes! A newsletter devoted to bring you news of the Phantom of the Opera fandom. Here, we support fanfiction, art, videos, actor, movies and any news involving Phantom. We're a daily updated community, run a friendly staff with the support of many wonderful friends.

lafemmedarla Head full of sexy hair Editor and founder.
ignited Fellow Editor and all around crazy fan.
killertofu Backup Editor and Full Frontal Phantom Worshipper.

operanotesghost Watcher Journal.

Here's how it works: everyday, Phantom worthy news are gatered from various sources, then links are posted. all of our links are open to the public and clearly labeled if they're either not work safe or NC-17.

To keep an eye on our community, go here to add the community to your friends' list. You don't need to join however, as the community is closed and only moderators should be members.

Got magazine scans? Written or wish to rec fanfiction? Have theories you'd like to discuss with fellow fans? Wish to share actor news? If you have any news to submit, feel free to comment in the latest post or email operanotes (at) gmail.com Any incarnation of Phantom is welcomed, from Leroux's original novel to the 2004 movie and beyond. You can also friend/suggest communities to join at our watcher journal, operanotesghost.

Credit goes to quickquote, the original fandom (Harry Potter) newsletter.